Friday, 31 May 2013

Statement Shades!

With the sun eventually making a prolonged appearance (it's almost non-existent in North East England) I think it's about time I shared one of my fashion must haves - sunglasses. Not only are they essential in the summer, but they're perfect all year round. The winter sun glaring down on the bright white snow can be blinding! My opinion on sunglasses is that you should have one pair that sees you through all trends, such as the Wayfarer or Clubmaster which you splurge on (Ray-Ban), and then each year you can follow the trend by buying another pair from somewhere such as Topshop where they aren't too expensive. So here are some of my favourite styles and where you can find them!

1. Festival Brow Sunglasses, Topshop. This classic clubmaster style is both fashionable but not too 'in your face'. You can find this style almost anywhere, from George @ ASDA (in store), to Ray-Ban.

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses With Multi Frame, ASOS. Cat eye sunglasses aren't new by any means but they seem to be this seasons must have shades in terms of trends. Celebrities such as Kate Moss, Florence Welch (Florence & the Machine) and Jessica Alba have been seen wearing this style recently, and retailers have been going super OTT in terms of making these shades really stand out, with bright colours and added metallic embellishments. Definitely THE statement sunnies. 

3. Hearts Sunglasses, Chicwish. Think Lana Del Rey, Lindsay Lohan and Lolita, these girly sunglasses are a throwback to the sixties, the decade of love! Perfect for the hight of summer, heart shaped sunglasses are fabulous. 

4. Wayfarer, Ray-Ban. These are another classic style made popular by Ray-Ban and the list of celebrities seen wearing them over the years is endless. Wayfarers had their heyday in the 50's and 60's, but were made popular again in the 80's after a product placement agreement with many famous TV shows and movies in America (The Breakfast Club anyone?), and now in the 2000's they're making a huge comeback with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Jude Law (they're definitely not just for girls), BeyoncĂ©, Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst (just to name a few) wearing them. 

5. Retro Lens Aviator, Topshop. Aviators are again another classic associated with Ray-Ban, but don't assume you have to pay top price for these glasses. Almost every high street store will have these shades, so check them out. 

6. Extreme Bug Sunglasses, Topshop. Round sunglasses are extremely popular this year, so why not channel your inner John Lennon and try them out! Go big or go small, it's up to you. 

Monday, 13 May 2013


I met with a man called David Ireland who is a business advisor. He works closely with the Job Centre and helps people in their mission to create their own business. We basically talked through my business idea, which is to design and create fabric based gifts including gadget cases and stuffed animals, and he gave me plans and advice on how to get it up and running. It was really informative and drove me further in my 'quest' to be my own boss. It's my dream. I hope to share this journey with you, but for now you'll have to wait for my product review for Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean which will be coming this week.

Beth x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Instagram Account!

I suggest you check out my new instagram account, _uruz. I'll be posting more creative photographs on that account compared to my perosnal one.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Summer = Gym

Summer is coming up and although I don't have a holiday booked this year I'm still hoping there will be some decent weather in Britain, which means bikinis, crop tops and shorts. I'm not the skinniest girl in the world, nor am I fat, but I could do with losing a little bit of weight. Recently I've been extremely unhealthy, eating chocolate and drinking coke every single day and not doing a bit of exercise. So I'm going to start going to the gym to get fit and healthy. My theory is if I buy myself some new sweatpants then I'll have more motivation to go, as I can't stand buying something and not wearing it. Here are some things I've found. Whether it's bright and bold, plain or patterned, there should be something here for you. I hope you like them! 

(I'd like to point out that I didn't crop these images, they were like that already. I wouldn't chop the top of someones head off!)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren created Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in 1994 after losing a close friend to the disease. Lauren was inspired to use what he knew best, fashion, to help breast cancer charities across the world.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer launched Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in the UK in 1996. Since then they've worked with some of the world's biggest names in fashion and media including Naomi 

Campbell, Cate Moss, Georgia May Jagger and Mario Testino. 

They raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer through sales of specially designed products, working with M&S, River Island, Topshop, Warehouse, Coast, Laura Ashley and Debenhams, as well as online store my-wardrobe.com. They choose items each year from their Spring/Summer collections and give at least 30% of the price to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. 

Here are some of the things you can get from those highstreet stores!

1. White Bird Print Oversized T-Shirt, River Island // 2. Chancey Dress, Coast // 3. Love Tee, Topshop // 4. Feather Tribal Print Vest, Warehouse // 5. Multi Tie Dye Bikini Top, M&S (Launches 2nd May) // 6. Multi Tie Dye Bikini Bottoms, M&S (Launches 2nd May) // 7. Pink Bracelet, River Island (Available in stores) // 8. Palm Tree Mirror Keyring, Topshop // 9. Trim Denim Shorts, M&S (Launches 2nd May)

Visit www.fashiontargetsbreastcancer.org.uk to find out more information about the cause, or to find more beautiful fashion items to buy! Remember, at least 30% of the price goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Friday, 26 April 2013

5 Things I Love

1. Tanya Whelan - I adore her fabrics so much, and if my ideas come together for my own Etsy shop, then I know which fabrics I'll be using! 

2. Tommypom & Friends - If you don't know who TommyPom is then I'm judging you! Not really. But if you don't then you definitely need to head to Tumblr right now and search for him. He's Mackenzie Kosut's pet Pomeranian, and Mackenzie works at Tumblr HQ in NY, and Mackenzie takes Tommy to work, therefore Tommy works at Tumblr! Yeah, Tumblr staff can take their pets into work. Undoubtedly Tommy is the most famous of the Tumblr dogs, but he does have a range of friends including Gozer and HomerJayPug who work at Tumblr with him. They're all super cute and most of them have their own blogs. Cool, right? 

3. Topshop's Spring/Summer Trend, 'Railroad' - "Impulsive travellers take note, we're jumping aboard a style train headed straight for 1950s Americana." Need I say more? See the trend here.

4. Old Typewriters

5. Revolution, 10pm Fridays on Sky 1 (UK)

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'd like to apologise for my lack of posting this month; things have been kinda odd. I've been looking for a job every day whilst also thinking about going into self employment, and that is taking up most of my time. But I really hope that I'm able to post at least once a week from now on. I'm going to be more strict with myself and use my blog planners (available here) as a way to keep myself in line. For now, here's some photos from my Instagram account this month. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm also writing an article once a week for seeitwantit, so check out the blog HERE