Friday, 26 April 2013

5 Things I Love

1. Tanya Whelan - I adore her fabrics so much, and if my ideas come together for my own Etsy shop, then I know which fabrics I'll be using! 

2. Tommypom & Friends - If you don't know who TommyPom is then I'm judging you! Not really. But if you don't then you definitely need to head to Tumblr right now and search for him. He's Mackenzie Kosut's pet Pomeranian, and Mackenzie works at Tumblr HQ in NY, and Mackenzie takes Tommy to work, therefore Tommy works at Tumblr! Yeah, Tumblr staff can take their pets into work. Undoubtedly Tommy is the most famous of the Tumblr dogs, but he does have a range of friends including Gozer and HomerJayPug who work at Tumblr with him. They're all super cute and most of them have their own blogs. Cool, right? 

3. Topshop's Spring/Summer Trend, 'Railroad' - "Impulsive travellers take note, we're jumping aboard a style train headed straight for 1950s Americana." Need I say more? See the trend here.

4. Old Typewriters

5. Revolution, 10pm Fridays on Sky 1 (UK)

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'd like to apologise for my lack of posting this month; things have been kinda odd. I've been looking for a job every day whilst also thinking about going into self employment, and that is taking up most of my time. But I really hope that I'm able to post at least once a week from now on. I'm going to be more strict with myself and use my blog planners (available here) as a way to keep myself in line. For now, here's some photos from my Instagram account this month. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm also writing an article once a week for seeitwantit, so check out the blog HERE

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Suits and Co-ords

A big look this summer is suits. Matching tops and bottoms are a top trend, but they don't have to be masculine, nor do they really need to be suits. Feminine versions include crop tops and shorts, so there's something for everyone. A couple of designers including Marc Jacobs and Simone Rocha have shown this trend using stripes and neon colours. 

Here are a few I've found on the high street and online. Floral prints are on trend again this spring/summer so the two go perfectly together. 

1. Geo Jacquard Longline Blazer and Trousers, Topshop, £125 // 2. Paisley Jacquard Crop Top and Shorts, Topshop, £70 // 3. Floral Piped Crop Top and Hip Skater Skirt, Topshop, £70 // 4. Aztec Notch Neck Jacket and Skirt, Topshop, £100 // 5. Paisley Jacquard Crop Top and Trousers, Topshop, £87