Thursday, 14 March 2013

5 Things I Love

This is a new feature on my blog called "5 things I love" and I will try to post it every week. It's just what it says on the tin - 5 things that I love this week. I hope you enjoy reading, and let me know in the comments what things you love!

1. Chocolate Spread - My favourite food stuff at the minute, simply because it's so versatile and easy to use. There are tons of ways I have it, and here are a few:

  • spread on toast
  • in a sandwich with banana
  • melted so I can pour it over a croissant
  • melted to dip a banana into

2. A Beautiful Mess - This inspired me to keep going with my blog, and reading it is a great help when it comes to thinking up things to post, and also crafts I can do around the house. It's definitely my biggest influence right now. I suggest you check this blog out by Elsie and Emma!

3. Joey Quinn - For those of you who don't know who Joey Quinn is, he's a fictional character on the TV show Dexter. My step dad, who knows about my odd obsession with serial killers and forensics, suggested I start watching this show a few months ago, and so I did. Dexter is no ordinary serial killer (if there's such a thing), he works in the forensic department for Miami Metro - Homicide. So, when he's not catching criminals to kill, he's helping catch them for the police department. But back to Quinn. I'm watching the 6th season right now and Quinn isn't in a good place. I won't give it away to anybody who's thinking of watching the show or isn't yet up to this point, but I'm feeling more and more sorry for him, and falling in love with yet another fictional character. 

4. Emeli Sandé Our Version of Events Album - This lady has a truly remarkable voice and her album is amazing. It's my go to music right now, I have her album on all the time. Her cover of Imagine is beautiful, I suggest you check it out. 

5. Peter Pan - I may only be 19, but I'm craving my youth again. I dropped out of college because of an illness and I'm just getting back on my feet 2 years later, meaning I'm getting my first proper job. I was wishing I was back at school when everything was easy and that got me thinking about Peter Pan, and being young forever. So right now I love Peter Pan because he's everything I want to be. It's also got me thinking about my first tattoo. I know I want a dream catcher on the top of my arm, but I want something smaller to get first, so I can get the feel of it. Something from Peter Pan would be perfect.

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